A New Way of Being…

What do we do here? It’s simple.

At Studio Exclusive, we focus exclusively on three things:

  1. We help build confidence for women. (You know that’s a very good feeling, right?!)
  2. We help women improve their health and fitness. (That means more energy.)
  3. We build a special community for women. (What could be better?)

(Along with a good dollop of fun!)



We just happen to do this through Pole Dancing.

FYI We’re much more than just a Pole Dancing Studio.

We offer body & mind fitness: We call it a new way of being.



Our manifesto:

This is what we believe. This is what we stand for.

  • Women need to feel confident. (Confidence changes your world.)
  • Health and fitness is transformational.  (i.e. You step into a new way of doing things.)
  • Self worth is everything (It makes all the difference. In all things, absolutely.)
  • A sense of community will transform how you see yourself in the world. (See for yourself.)

PS Fun and laughter makes ALL the difference. (Guaranteed)



See what our students have to say and give us a call 80903442, we’d love to have a chat.

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Pole Dancing at Studio Exclusive…Mind and Body Fitness